Shri Vishweshwar Astrology Vastu Study Institute

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Shri Vishweshwar Astrology Vastu Study Institute

Shri Vishweshwar Astrology Vastu Study Institute, study and research centre is premier institute for advance studies in jyotish shastra, vastu shastra, advance Vedic jyotish, akshar gyan, medical Astrology,body symptoms and ved mantra pathan. Jyotish signifies the “science of light”. In western countries , jyotish knowledge can be traced back to the Vedic civilization in northern Bharat ( India).

Our Mission

Serving the students from the socially disadvantaged section of the society. Our dream is to nurture this institution as a centre of modern studies in both jyotish science and humanities. We do not wish to compromise with the basis task of making a new man who combines in his character a thirst for knowledge and a deep attachment to his culture roots.

Our Vision

This is because while they may have theoretical knowledge of spiritual or philosophical principles, they cannot understand the meaning and timing of the actual events in their own and other’s lives. However this knowledge is easily attainable by even a neophyte student of jyotish. Jyotish or astrology is considered the eye of the Vedas. Just as a blind person cannot walk or perform many other ordinary tasks, one who studies the Vedic literatures but does not know jyotish may have theoretical knowledge but will be handicapped in the practical realization of Vedic truth.

Shri Vishweshwar Astrology Vastu Study Institute

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